Membership Information

Membership Information

All-Access Membership

Access our entire library of Roads and Games on your Expresso bike.

Your All-Access membership includes 50 roads, 20,000+ feet of elevation, and 350+ miles of stunning graphics. A full suite of open gaming worlds with unlimited challenges and areas to explore. Ongoing updates with new games and features.

One membership. Unlimited riders.

With your membership, you can create an unlimited number of rider profiles so all your riders can access our complete library of Roads and Games. Once a rider has created an ID they can sign into any of your bikes or other bikes around the world while traveling with an active membership.

Connect and achieve goals.

Get motivated by advanced metrics. Challenge the ghosts of your past rides or the rides of your friends. Push yourself and other Members up the Leaderboard.

It's not just a membership. It's a community.

Your riders can connect with others from your facility and an incredible community of Expresso riders from around the world. Join the Team Expresso Community on Facebook for direct access to Expresso insiders and other enthusiasts like you.


Annual membership extensions for 2024 are available online for $375/bike/yr for Expresso Roads only bikes, and $600/bike/yr for GojiPlay enabled bikes.

Legacy Membership

Annual membership extensions for Expresso HD and Older bikes are available online for $199/bike/yr.